White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum/Sunrise Dance 3 (1976)

Two young White Mountain Apache/Ndee women performing the Sun Dance ceremony/Na’íí’ees (continues from "White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 2"), the crowd, and women prepare fry bread.

Teenage girl (with a feather on each shoulder and in ceremonial dress and holding a decorative cane with bells, feathers at the curve at top) and a girl of similar age beside her performing the Sunrise Dance ceremony  (Na’íí’ees); opening scene with various shots of them standing on a rug outside, male singers and drummers behind them; about 50 seconds in the singing begins and the two girls start dancing hopping from foot to foot; they all stop for a break at about 2 minutes 30 seconds; camera stops and starts again recording the group and the surrounding crowd (the camera person is having difficulties and shoots around wildly, then the camera is back on and recording the group of dancers/singers), then camera takes in the crowd assembled and a long line of women across from the main group linked arm-in-arm dancing forward and backward, and behind them a group of women doing the same; back to the girl and her dance partner and singers from a different angle; back to three women in line doing the responding back/forth dance; camera goes off/on, and commences recording the group from a different angle; then back to various shots of the long line of women dancing across from them, a row of boxes of food in the foreground sometimes, on three young girls in their own line; about 8 and 1/2 minutes in, the teenage girl and her dancing partner stop to wipe off sweat and get ready for the next dance, boxes of food seen in the foreground at times, and back to the long lines of responding women dancers across the way; and about 10 and a 1/2 minutes in, closer shots of the crowd watching; about 11 and a 1/2 minutes in the camera returns to the girl of the hour and her partner dancing and goes back and forth to a small group (including elders and a man) dancing in response; about 14 and a 1/2 minutes in a woman brings the main girl’s dance partner a drink of water, and she wipes her brow of sweat; camera off/on then we see the main girl doin gate same in a closer shot, then camera pulls out to show the pair, singers/drummers and to an elderly couple dancing in response, camera pans back to girls, boxes of food stuffs, the crowd, and responding dancers; camera off/on then closer shots of crowd and maybe the main girl’s mother or female relative (she was the person to bring the dancers drinks of water); at about 18 minutes 15 seconds we see the back of three girls squatting, then back to line dancing and crowd (including a close-up of an elders’ and other dancers’ faces),then back to faces in the main group and the girl’s dance partner is different now (a woman who has danced with her before (see "White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 1” and “White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 2”), and she wipes the girl’s brow; camera off/on, close view of a small girl watching running off; camera off/on, back to the main pair with singers/drummer behind standing and at about 20 minutes, 20 seconds, they begin again, the camera pans back to the woman who might be the mother and the people around her standing and dancing in lines (at about 23 minutes in camera’s picture scrambles, although sound works; at about 24 minutes, 30 seconds the picture returns to the main group performing and the crow (but now there’s some issue with the sound); at 25 minutes, 10 seconds the camera goes off/on and returns to a group of women sitting on a blanket and a group of men hanging out on and near a pick-up truck and a woman brings a plate of food to a young man; then closer view of the woman on the rug who seems to be ladling out or making food, then back to the men on the truck, one man drumming, others looking on near tents and a teepee, then back to the rug where the women sit; near a fire pit, women on rugs rolling balls of dough in their hands and patting them out into disks (fry bread?), then over to another woman doing so nearby on a bench or bench, then others sitting nearby, then to Sam (also see "White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 1” and “White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 2”) sitting nearby with some other men in a pickup truck bed, and to the main girl walking quickly through the area over to an outbuilding where another girl (an earlier dance partner, “see White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 1” and “White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 2”) hands her her ceremonial cane and celebrated one runs one way and then after someone honks a horn, she runs over to the passenger side of a white pick-up truck; back to women on the rug making bread, and then a quick close-up of a little girl sitting in front of a man.