Edgar Perry/White Mountain Apache Culture Center and Museum 1 (1976)

Apache/N'dee historian Edgar Perry discusses the Apache history, culture, and language revitalization (continues on subsequent videos).
Cultural Narrative: 

Read more about the late Edgar Perry in White Mountain Independent here.


A man (presumably the videographer) walking through the front door of one-story wooden building, then exiting again; the sign on the front of the building which reads “Apache Culture Center Museum” then camera zooms out to capture the entire facade and White Mountain Apache (Dził Łigai Si'án N'dee) Edgar Perry walking past to retrieve items from the back of his Datsun pickup truck and entering the museum; camera switches to shooting Perry doing the same but from inside the museum looking out, Perry entering and placing the items on a nearby wooden bench and walking off to enter another room; (at 2:04) closer view of Perry sitting at a table with a mic in front of him, books nearby; (at 2:51) Perry entering the room, carrying books and taking a seat at the table, and then the same again, camera closes in on his face; (at 27:05) Perry picks up a book and points to some words on the page for the camera, the camera closes in on the page and then back out to him gesturing as he speaks Apache/N'dee; he then reaches over to grab flashcards with vowels on them, and then back to close-up.

Edgar Perry

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