Albuquerque Indian School 3 (1976)

Student life and an interview with Helena Callado on inherent sovereignty and the right of the Pueblo Indians to take control of their school system.

Football player on a sports field running after, picking up and throwing the ball, camera pans over to receiver and other players standing in a group on the field, some playing catch, panning around the school grounds, students waving, others walking and sitting beneath a tree, back to the football field, etc., back to the game in action, students watching, school buildings, teenaged students having fun/messing around outside a building, going up/down stairs (one asks the camera person what she’s doing), interiors — including students in a rec room playing pool, playing video game Pong, and hanging out, watching TV, playing ping pong, back to exteriors of the buildings and grounds, students lined out outside dining hall, inside where students fill their trays and sit, then behind the scenes in the prep area where a man flips burgers, the “cafeteria ladies” serving food, the scullery area, back outside where three girls hang out, school buildings, a hanging sign that reads “Wauneka Hall” (perhaps named after former student and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Annie (Dodge) Wauneka?) and its H-shaped (student housing/dorm?) building, a female student joking with the camera person, hanging sign for “Tanoan Hall” and its (student housing/dorm?) building, students walking about, “Albuquerque Indian School” sign attached to a fence, buildings, at about 14:51 in, a woman sits at a table next to a microphone (you hear the camera woman’s voice) and pan over to a painting of a Taos Pueblo person perhaps?, now another woman (Helena Callado) sits at a table before a mic smiling and looking at some papers in her hands until the camera person asks her a question then she speaks and their exchange lasts until the end of the video.