Albuquerque Indian School 1 (1976)

School Superintendent,Joe Abeyta, discusses future plans, then signs contract transfering school to control of All Indian Pueblo Council.
Traditional Knowledge: 

For the first twelve and a half minutes, School Superintendent Joseph Abeyta (Santa Clara, Isleta), sits at a teacher’s desk at the front of a classroom, speaking into a microphone; interviewer is off-camera;. Topics include: the right of Pueblo peoples under 93-683 to take control of the Albuquerque Indian School; the business plan and contracting; pedagogy and Indigenous educational sovereignty

NEW SCENE (12:45):  Four men around a desk (three sitting, one standing) in an office before a microphone, Mr. Delfin Lovato (Ohkay Owingeh, Santo Domingo) Chairman of the All Indian Pueblo Council, center, speaks first; at about 16:00 Mr. Ron Esquera (Native American BIA administrator), screen left, speaks. At about 17:30 Mr. Joseph Abeyta, right, speaks, then the camera zooms out so all men are visible and Mr. Esquera and Mr. Lovato sign documents, as a camera person behind them records; those two men stand and shake hands, then turn and address the voice off-camera who asks them to sign again; they sit and repeat the signing a couple times for the cameras;  our camera pulls back to show another camera operator in the foreground; they then continue to address the audience; people from the audience jump up and approach the men at the desk; close-up of a Pueblo painting or design on the wall.

NEW SCENE (31:00): A woman (who is the interviewer voice in all of these Albuquerque Indian School videos) sits next to the desk and interviews Mr. Abeyta.