Land of Pueblos of Northern New Mexico (1940)

Overview of daily life in various Pueblo communities such as building an adobe dwelling and baking bread, plus ceremonies. It continues to showcase tourist activities in Santa Fe, Chimayó and more.

Opening credits: “Land of the Pueblos of Northern New Mexico.” Santa Fe Streamliner passenger train rounds the curve through “Apache Canyon” trail between two mountains; various views of Taos Pueblo (ȉałopháymųp’ȍhə́othə̀olbo) exterior; Pueblo woman covered in a blanket follows a donkey carrying a large bundle of firewood, she looks at the camera as she passes through a plaza; shot from behind of the two walking away, children running about on the plaza; a different woman with a blanket draped over her head places kindling in an outdoor domed adobe clay oven (horno); closer view of the horno’s mouth, fire blazing within; the same woman exits through the screen door of a pueblo carrying unbaked dough loaves on a tray covered in white gauzy fabric and places them on a small table before the horno; shot from above of her placing two loaves on a long wooden paddle and then into the horno; various shots from another angle facing the oven's opening as she takes out the baked loaves on same paddle; field of corn on stalks already at a good height, mountains and trees beyond; hanging ribbon  of corn cobs tied together; livestock corral made of logs and children playing; courtyard of the Santa Clara Pueblo (Kha'po Owingeh), two toddler girls and and older girl walking over to a well; different view of adobe and log buildings and Santa Clara Mission in background, the older girl carries a toddler into an opening behind a blanket while the other follows; Santa Clara Mission building; view of the plaza and buildings from beneath a sunshade; man standing atop a tall wooden beam pouring wet mud mixture across adobe bricks on wall he’s constructing, he then flattens it with a trowel; closer view of the man placing large rectangular adobe bricks on the mud and fills in cracks with trowel; children sit next small handmade pieces of pottery for sale, then two white men squat and inspect pieces; a little Pueblo girls picks up a small pot and addresses one of the man off camera who then takes it from her hand; back to her and the other children packing up the souvenirs; wide shot of Rio Grande Valley and Pueblo de San Ildefonso (P'ohwhóge Owingeh); panning shot of the pueblo’s plaza and adobe buildings; large kiva with mountains beyond; the steps leading up the kiva; a large group walks through the plaza, some carrying an effigy (Saint Ildefonso) under a black sunshade; a woman lights a candle on a table in a shrine; shot of the room with women and children standing or kneeling in the shrine; group of Pueblo men chanting in the plaza; group of male and female dancers in ceremonial dress dance; group of three men dance, the one in center holds a long wooden pole; the same man holds the pole which now is revealed to hold feathers, fox skins, and a bundle at the top, others dance nearby forming a line; closer view of the top of the pole with red feathers and fox tails flying, clouds behind; group of men and drummer dancing, now dark rain clouds behind them in the sky; same scene but of the larger group of men and women dancers; wide shot of E. San Francisco Street in Sante Fe looking towards The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, cars line the street and pass; closer view of the cathedral’s front, and then of the statue of Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy; Palace of the Governors Plaza in Santa Fe, then a woman walking down the colonnade of the building towards the camera, others milling about; white painted sign reading “The Old San Miguel Mission”; different views of the mission; exterior of adobe one-level De Vargas Street House and people passing by, then close-up of its sign that reads “Oldest House in the U.S.A.”, then more of the house’s exterior; Santa Fe post office exterior with long colonnade and cars parked along the street, then closer view showing “United States Post Office” and American flag; view down College Street, boy riding by on a bicycle and a pickup truck turning around, another view of the street, with cars, a man with a dog, and a sign for La Santa Fe Mexican Cafe; another view of the plaza focusing on the obelisk commemorating Union soldiers; close-up of the granite marker commemorating the Santa Fe Trail with dates, map, and “Erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Territory of New Mexico, 1910”; exterior of La Fonda Hotel; wide view of people siting at tables in the hotel’s interior courtyard; a group of white children and men sitting together in the courtyard; a Native man sits at a table in the courtyard selling handcrafted silver and turquoise jewelry to a person standing off-screen; close-up of the artist’s hand pulling out examples of the jewelry from a cigar box; wide shot people walking in a park past rows of flowers, then closer shot of three women walking down a row in the manicured flower garden; close up of orange dahlias, then a pink one; the head of giant marionette effigy Zozobra as it’s being hoisted, then more of it’s body is shown with its arms moving and mouth opening and closing; various shots of nighttime scene of it being burned, huge flames; “Entrada” parade watchers line a street down which ride men dressed as conquistadors; views of women wearing Spanish ceremonial dresses walk, little girls carry the red train of a woman dressed as a queen in white, then closer view of the Fiesta queen, and close-up of her smiling face; close-up of a mariachi playing the violin and laughing; crowd fills Governors Plaza; hanging wooded sign with silhouette of people on horseback and arrow pointing to The Bishop’s Lodge, foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains beyond; overhead of the lodge and mountains; closer shots of the steeple and roofline of the Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy Chapel; large horse stable and corral with horses and people standing about; cowboys or ranch hands rounding up horses in the corral; various shots of men strapping gear to horse backs; line of people on horseback walking down a hillside trail; white people standing around campsite in wooded area; close-up of a man stoking a fire, coffee percolator and pots nearby, and then another man places the percolator on to the fire; hand off-screen forking one of ten steaks grilling over the open fire, then another shot of fewer steaks and a fork flipping them over; a fisherman casting into a river, small waterfall, beaver dams and trees beyond; different views the flowing river surrounded by trees, then the party of campers on horseback crossing the river; field with stack hay bales and foothills beyond; a woman walking through the front gate of the adobe El Santuario de Chimayó with foothills behind; its large white cross, and then of its upper story and steeples, then through the gates at the facade; close view of a white man in a suit talking, a Ganado red Navajo blanket draped over this arm, then a wider shot of him holding up one end while a white woman holds up the other side as they display the blanket;  close-up of the blankets design; close-up of another blanket; car driving down a dirt road past slow-slung buildings; small adobe house in with strings of red chili peppers hanging from the roof over the porch; closer view of the chili peppers, then back to wider shot of the porch where there are bundles of onions hanging also; car driving down a road towards the camera past a hillside of yellow-leaved Aspen trees; Aspens fill the screen, two frame in the foreground, followed by other views; view of the canopy from the ground, leaves blowing, panning down to the ground; individual tree tops and blowing leaves; views snowy mountainside in Santa Fe Basin, a line of people cross-country skiing; top of mountain where the group of skiers rests and prepare skis; closer view of a man waxing his ski; skiers skiing down the mountain; a white woman cross-country skiing, and then wiping out as she begins skiing down the mountain; closer view of her laughing on the ground trying to right her ski that’s very stuck in the snow; a line-up of skiers follow each other down from the mountain top as seen from the front, and then from the back as they descend; train zips past and away from the camera; sunset over landscape, Santa Fe Railway logo over which is superimposed “Adios”; end credits: “Produced by World Travel Films, Wynnewood, Pa.”  



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