YESTERDAY'S NEWSREEL: Episode “Indians Trapped in New Mexico Blizzard” (1931)

An episode of YESTERDAY'S NEWSREEL television program recounting the 1931 New Mexico blizzard where Zuni/A:shiwi and Navajo/Diné individuals and families were rescued or their bodies recovered.

Opening titles: “1931; Indians trapped in New Mexico blizzard; Voice: Tom Hale” over an illustration of a cityscape; group of four white men in cowboy hats walking at foot of snow-covered Thunder Mountain; closer view of two men  trying to rouse a woman taking shelter and wrap blankets around her; when wider view of three groups being wrapped in blankets; close up of a group being covered; two men pick up and carry off one deceased body covered with blanket; wider shot of the men carrying deceased people wrapped in blankets; closer view of another pair carrying a deceased person; and another person being carried; a woman in a blanket being helped into the bed of a horse-drawn wagon by two other Native men; a Native woman leads the wagon while man in front is on horseback; a different wagon full of adults and children, then another full of sheep, then back to the wagon of people; various shots of the rescued moving through a line in front of a McKinley County trading post to receive provisions from the cowboys; close up of a young woman or girl eating food out of a can while holding a baby in a cradleboard; then a man eating from a can while women sit nearby in the snow eat and feed the baby.