Tourist Film, Taos, 1940 [Home Movie]

Footage includes images of a white and Tiwa woman walking through Taos Pueblo plaza; various Tiwa people posing; dogs, children playing in the plaza, laundry on lines, a bit of Rio Pueblo and surrounding mountains, etc.

Wide shots of Taos Pueblo/ȉałopháymųp’ȍhə́othə̀olbo and Taos Mountain behind, shots of two women walking through the plaza: one white woman in 1940s-era plaid coat and a Tiwa woman (łȉwéna) wrapped in a blanket, other views of people passing through the plaza and mountains (p’íane‑ne) behind, two little Tiwa girls posing and walking towards the camera, another classic shot of the pueblo, people milling about, the two women again walking and the white woman has her arm around the other, a closer shot of a dwelling with laundry whipping on the line in the wind on a the roof, the two women again in the plaza with a little dog (cùlo’óna), two Tiwa boys running past the previous dwelling, a young woman posing next to a dwelling, the woman in the blanket posing next to a construction area, a wider view of two Tiwa women next to a dwelling, wide shots with the sun shining down on the pueblo — mountains beyond (some with snowy peaks), the Tiwa woman and perhaps a Tiwa man (sə́onena) wrapped in blankets posing for the camera — pueblo buildings behind them and a dog playing with the woman, another shot of laundry whipping in the wind and two hornos/adobe ovens, a Tiwa woman holding hands with two little girls (upę̀yu’úna - singular) — pueblo and mountains behind, closer view of three Taos women standing near a dwelling, Rio Pueblo (?) river (p’o) and valley (bòyi’ína).