Completed Alternate Audio Narrations -- Navajo/Diné

Completed Alternate Audio Narrations -- Navajo/Diné

These films are accompanied by one or more alternative audio narrations contributed by members of the broader Navajo/Diné community.

How to Play the Video and Audio Recordings at the Same Time

  1. For best results, play the video first and turn down the volume completely by clicking and dragging the blue lines on the right-hand side to the left until the bars all turn gray. Wait for the black screen with text to disappear...
  2. Next, click on the audio player's play button. The volumne control is on the right-hand side. Quickly return to the video.
  3. Note: Narrators have approached discussing the videos in their own way. Some speak directly to the footage on the screen, other narrators are more conversational, or a combination of both.

If you would like to narrate a film, email us at the address at the bottom of your screen.

Items in Collection: 
Part 1: Navajo activities include: silversmithing, rug weaving, trading post activity. Part 2: Hopi and Zuni artisans make pottery and jewelry, also visit an Indian Fair. Part II begins at 11:20.
Brief history of the Navajo's relationship to the Canyon de Chelly and its formation over time; other topics: construction of hogans; sheep sheering; cliff dwellings; and prayer piles.
Survey of modern conveniences and amenities to be found on the reservation, including Navajo/Diné-owned businesses, boarding schools, soldiers and Boy Scouts, art classes, public ceremonies, and the newly opened General Dynamics Navajo Facility.
Theme: overview of Navajo/Diné agricultural practices, moving from winter to summer hogans and other seasonal activities. Story: follows a family including two children, Little Bow and Dark Eyes.
A profile of Navajo/Diné social life, family structure, and culture. Activities shown: farming corn, sheep herding, preparing corn bread, children and family pets; weaving wool and yarn preparation, loom building, silversmithing, trading goods, and more.