Albuquerque Indian School 5 (ca. 1976)

Footage includes around the campus of buildings, students walking, and in the classroom, an interviewee discusses the education system at Albuquerque Indian School, and students speak to the interviewer off-camera.
Cultural Narrative: 

Note: the audio track for this video has been re-mastered a bit, but will require patience on the viewer's or listener's part.


Close up of a blackboard with “Science, Biology, Biosphere” written upon it; then the camera zooms out to show the whole classroom with rows of desks, a man seated by an art board, rows of windows, etc.; exterior shots of bungalow-style classrooms; a man walking down a sidewalk and over to the interviewer; exterior of the school buildings and the trees around them as the interviewer discusses what they are up to; then the man walks back across the yard and disappears between two buildings; four teenaged girls walk across the yard; a boy walks across the yard; then another who comes up to the interviewer and makes a funny gesture; close-up of the boy’s face and then zooms out to show him sitting before them drinking a Pepsi and eating chips; students walking across a basketball court; more teenage girls and a man walk across the yard, some near the camera; at about 5:57, close-up on the face and torso of a middle-aged African-American man (a teacher) in glasses, seated outdoors next to the interviewer; at 15:33, two teenage girls walking; at 15:45, inside a classroom where younger students sit at desks, includes some close-ups of students listening and writing; at 18 minutes, back to exteriors — a yard full of trees (while the interviewer speaks to a student off-camera), and then screen goes white; at 20:37, exterior of building with a porch, other buildings, more of the yard (students speak off-camera).