Albuquerque Indian School 1 (ca.1976)

Interviewee discusses future plans, then sign contract transfering school to control of All Indian Pueblo Council.
Traditional Knowledge: 

For the first twelve and a half minutes, an unidentified man sits at a teacher’s desk at the front of a classroom, speaking into a microphone; interviewer is off-camera;. NEW SCENE. Four men around a desk (three sitting, one standing) in an office before a microphone, an unidentified man at center speaks first; at about 16 minutes in the man on our left (Ron Escera?), speaks, at about seventeen and a half minutes in the man on our right (Joe Abeyta) speaks, then the camera zooms out so all men are visible and Escera and main speaker at center sign documents, as a camera person behind them records; those two men stand and shake hands, then turn and address the voice off-camera who asks them to sign again; they sit and repeat the signing a couple times for the cameras;  our camera pulls back to show another camera operator in the foreground; they then continue to address the audience; people from the audience jump up and approach the men at the desk; close up of a Pueblo painting or design on the wall; then a woman (who is the interviewer voice in all of these Albuquerque Indian School videos) sits next to the desk and interviews the central speaker.